Empowering students across California to reach their full potential through the transformative power of esports.

Build and support esports-centric communities where students can compete in statewide competitions for scholarships and grants, explore new careers, and collaborate in organizing local events.

Our Mission
Uniting and building esports communities across California schools.


Pacific Esports League is a nonprofit organization that aims to grow the esports community in California through school community support, engaging esports tournaments, and career development programs for interested students.

Together, we can support the future of esports in California.

Your contribution to Pacific Esports League will allow us to invest in new equipment, organize more events, and provide more opportunities for students to excel and grow.

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Our sponsors are the reason we can continue to run our events. They allow us to make an impact in California through their support of our cause. We invite all companies, families, and individuals to help expand the Pacific Esports League.


"Playing in PEL as a collegiate team was the smoothest process out of any league I have ever played in with my time at Esports at UC Davis. Automated processes for scheduling matches made reschedules much easier for us students!"

Christopher Tran | College Student & Team Captain for Esports at UCD Gold

"My favorite part about PEL is the fact that I was able to improve my leadership skills while enjoying myself by playing a game I love. On top of that, I made many new friends doing so and that in itself makes joining PEL very worth it."

Brett Lang | Captain of Team Silencers

"Outside of competing, my favorite part is the friendly and welcoming community that I have been able to be apart of for so long. I really appreciate everyone that I have met, and I hope I can continue to meet more people like that in the future."

Manager/Player for Supernova eSports | High School Student

"I liked the Student Talent Program and the guest speakers that PEL brings in. It's interesting to learn about different aspects of the industry. It's also entertaining to see different parts of broadcasting."

Kaniving Dinosaurs Team Captain