The Redwood Rumble

Our newest tournament for the 23-24' competitive season

9/18/20232 min read

Welcome to the Redwood Rumble! We’re excited to feature both Valorant and League of Legends in our first season of the 2023-24 competitive year.

For the Redwood Rumble, signups open on September 22nd, and matches begin on October 16th, a full schedule is posted in our Discord. Everything mentioned in this blog post is covered in our announcement video.


We’re excited to announce a new round-robin format for both Valorant and League of Legends. For the regular season, teams will be placed in groups of 4 and each team will play through 3 matches over 3 weeks. After the regular season, the top 2 teams from each group will advance to playoffs and compete in a single-elimination bracket, culminating in an exciting live broadcasted championship match.

Just like in our last season, The Coastal Cup, our Valorant season will be divided into two divisions based on the average competitive rankings of each team’s players. Placements in groups and the order of the bracket will be determined with a draw system that balances teams by skill while also inserting some randomness in match-ups to create exciting matches.

Furthermore, just like in The Coastal Cup, The Redwood Rumble will allow participants to earn scholarships with a $800 total scholarship pool.

Competition Grants

Finally, we are extremely proud to announce our first major initiative to support scholastic esports clubs, The Sapling Initiative. A key part of The Sapling Initiative is providing grants directly towards creating new or supporting existing school-affiliated esports clubs based on their team’s performance in the tournament. For The Redwood Rumble, a total of $600 will be available to teams that are a part of The Sapling Initiative.

If you would like more details on how to earn these grants and the other resources that The Sapling Initiative will provide to scholastic esports clubs visit our announcement post going live tomorrow.

We hope to see you and your club in the competition!